Clarks Spares Tray

Clarks Spares Tray

Code Ref: SXT-ST

The spare tray enables you to carry out in depth servicing on our S2 and SX hydraulic brakes it has pretty much every component that is found within the brake assembly’s, ranging from the internal seals to the replacement disc pads etc. All contained within their own compartments and housed within a hard wearing service tray.

Contents Qty
VX11C (S2) Disc Pads x 6
VRX815C (Skeletal) Disc Pads x 6
Rotor Bolts x 40
Bracket Bolts x 20
M6 Washer x 20
Split C Clamp x 3
Split C Bolt x 6
Skeletal/S2 Straight line Connector x 10
Bleed Nipple/Cover x 6
Skeletal/S2 Lever Bolt x 5
Skeletal Reservoir Cover x 4
Reservoir Cover Bolt x 12
S2 Reservoir Cover x 4
Disc Pad Spacer x 10
Skeletal Lever Assembly x 4
S2 Diaphragm x 4
Skeletal Diaphragm x 4
S2 Lever Assembly x 4
Caliper Brackets (IS&PM) All Sizes x 3
Post Mount Bolt (32mm) x 6
Post Mount Bolt (38mm) x 6

Product Information

Bike Compatability : MTB, Hybrid

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